A ton on my friends due to the pandemic, have felt isolated due to socially distancing. Initially we thought how about using instagram or facebook to meet and make more friends online, but people weren't really on the platform to have those great conversations that start a forever friendship. Instead what is my team and I develop a platform that targets people to have deep meaningful conversations with judgement, and who knows maybe lead to a friendship and a meet in person hopefully with some delicious coffee.

What it does

CofeeChats is a user friendly anonymous platform that allows users to interact with individuals near by with the purpose of having fun conversation based on selected niches.

How we built it

For our front end technology, we had used react-native in order to design a cross platform app between Android, iPhone, and web. We also used firebase for our back end service.

Challenges we ran into

React native is very friendly, but sometimes code would work for ios bu still not work for Android and vise versa. We also had to handle collisions when user's wanted to match into a group, there was a lot of dynamic programming that needed to be implemented to handle such issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team we were able to work extremely efficiently, we were able to code out a ton of code within such a short period of time. Our app is also fully functional and looks very nice in the UI.

What we learned

We learned a ton. Ranging from styling all the way to handling collisions and match making users. We learned the importance of communication, designing on Figma, and how to work together in an agile environment.

What's next for CoffeeChat

Coffee Chat Plans to offer a level up feature called the Expresso Pass. As you engage more in the app, and get good responses you will be leveling up to exclusive features. We also want to also implement notifications in the future so other's can see if you messaged them.

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