Over the years, women have faced discrimination and gender bias in their careers. Often they drop out, in early stages of their career, due to lack of guidance, support and empathy. Also, girls are often discouraged to have a career in STEM as opposed to boys.

But what would happen, if women got the much-needed support, and guidance, in their careers? If there was this constant source of inspiration that could motivate them to have a career in technology, and break the age-old misconceptions that technology is more a "Men's" field.

What it does

CoffeeChat is a networking platform, for the women. Where women across the world can talk, and motivate each other and move towards a world free from gender bias. The mentees can find their suitable mentor, who can provide them with much-needed guidance.

How we built it

The frontend of the project is built using React.js and the backend is managed using Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

This was the first project, where we went complete Firebase, to manage the network. But we managed till the end, to figure out and make the web-app fully functional.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely happy, to have been able to build this unique networking platform that will motivate women, and help them be confident and take a step towards reducing the gender gap, in technology.

On a technical side, we are proud that we could put together a full-stack web-app, on such a short time period, but we enjoyed a lot, building this amazing platform.

What we learned

Aside from the technical achievements, we learned about the challenges that women working in STEM face. It raised our awareness about the gender gap in employment opportunities, wages, leadership opportunities, perception at the workplace, etc. It made us think about what can we do to do about the problem and support the community.

We learned how to collaborate smoothly remotely. With team members from different timezones and with different roles respectively, we utilized the method of asynchronous communication from the ideation stage to execution.

What's next for CoffeeChat

We hope to collaborate with NGO such as one that supports STEM education for underprivileged women and hold programs that connect them with mentors in the industry.

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