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Note to Judges:
We have submitted a zip folder to the files that contains all of our business case information, progress pictures, design iterations and source code. We've also uploaded this to a Google Drive just in case of technical difficulties. The link is down below! Please view this for all our info!

Our Team

Molly Steer: Co-Business Manager, Graphic Designer
Sage Stainsby: Development Team, Video Editor
Jagmeet Grewal: Development Team
Izzy Spizick: Co-Business Manager
Chukwunazaekpere Chuksy Olisa: Development Team

Our Project - CoffeeBreak

What is CoffeeBreak?
Coffee Break is an innovative browser extension that encourages people to take regular breaks throughout their working day. Whether they be working a 9-5 job, or cramming for exams, the individual users of our product will receive gentle but frequent reminders, as well as suggestions for "break activities". These activities could be anything from drinking a glass of water or doing a 5 minute mindfulness exercise to inviting a coworker along to grab a coffee at a local cafe.
We chose to create a browser extension as our main customer segments will be those with desk jobs, or employers of individuals with desk jobs. We wanted to create something that integrates nicely into software people are already using every day.

What does CoffeeBreak do?
CoffeeBreak will send (by default) hourly notifications to users to remind them to take breaks and look after themselves throughout the day. The frequency of these reminders can be changed by the user in our individual solutions, and also by companies in our enterprise solution. As the product is further developed we will use intelligent data to determine when break notifications are sent based on user history and time between breaks.
CoffeeBreak also integrates with user's calendars to allow them to schedule in specific break times. This integration will also allow users to send calendar invitations to coworkers and friends to join them on their break.
A huge differentiator for CoffeeBreak is the reward system that is incorporated within the extension. Each time a user "completes" a break, they will receive a digital coffee cup which will be displayed on their "My Shelf" rewards page. We will ask users to "check in" at a suggested partnered location by getting a QR code we email to them scanned upon purchase or visit. Once a user receives a certain amount of coffee cups, they will receive a voucher or discount from one of our sponsor businesses. These vouchers will be seen on the My Shelf page also and can be emailed directly to users so they can access them from their phones once out of the office.

What does CoffeeBreak look like?
The main hub page will show our CoffeeBreak logo along with a countdown until your next scheduled break. There will be a button below this for users to schedule in a specific break, and isend a calendar invitation to friends or coworkers via email to join them.
To the left of this there is a feed of suggested break activities along with links to location data if applicable. These activities will be general wellness activities such as going for a walk to a nearby park, or making sure to drink a glass of water. Some of these activities will also be suggested based on our local business sponsors.
To the right of the main logo, we will have links to the "My Shelf" rewards page, as well as a link to update your personal preferences. These preferences will help us to show users suggested links and activities based on what they want to see.
Below this, will be a display of the user's selected calendar. We hope to have calendar integration across iCal, Google Calendars and Outlook to enable users to have a reference of their schedules when away from their desks also.

How will CoffeeBreak make money?
CoffeeBreak overall wants to help people to manage their work life balance. Browser extensions have a low running cost and are easy to install and use. Our revenue will allow us to expand the product and give bigger incentives back to our users. We aim to partner with several companies to create multiple revenue streams.
A main starting partnership will be will local businesses including gyms and cafes that are able to provide discounts and vouchers for their products. This partnership will not only increase our rewards offering, but also increase traffic to these stores, supporting local business. Another way in which this partnership will be utilised is to have a commission based model wherein CoffeeBreak receives a percentage of purchases made through exposure to the extension.
A huge partnership that we'd love to move forward with is with "Hey You". Hey you is a coffee ordering application that also partners with local businesses. If we are able to partner with and integrate Hey You into our product, users will be able to order a coffee through the extension, select one of their pending rewards to use if available, and simply walk to the store to pick it up. Partnerships with companies producing travel cups such as FrankGreen or KeepCup are also of interest.
We will market the product both to individuals and also large companies to provide to their employees as a productivity booster. The solution for individuals will contain the base functionalities and the enterprise solution will allow customisation of the extension through uploading specific CSS stylesheets, the ability to set preferences per user group, the ability to push out events and reminders to certain user groups or the company as a whole. The enterprise solution will also include the potential for larger company wide rewards such as lunch time yoga sessions ran by professionals, or doughnuts delivered for the whole office, depending on our sponsors.

What's Next?

We've all learnt so much through the UHack experience. The importance of collaboration is huge when producing any kind of project, especially in this short of a timeframe. The mentors have been amazing to work with, and its been great to meet so many other teams who are our future innovators with amazing ideas!

CoffeeBreak's beta version, built for UHack, is pending review from the Chrome Extension store now! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon! If you have any queries or feedback feel free to reach out to us at coffeebreakextension@gmail.com

credit to fullcalendar.io for use in the prototype

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