We wanted to create something that could be used to reduce stress in a working environment. The idea behind our project is to allow pairs of employees to have a coffee break with each other so they could talk and let out their concerns and stress.

What it does:

CoffeeBreak make the user sign in after entering the employee id, selecting the department, start time and end time. It takes you to a page where it tries to match pairs of employee who used the website according to schedule selected.

How we built it

Node.js on the backend, Bootstrap on the frontend and used MySql as the data base.

Challenges we ran into

We were only two people in our team. We had trouble with time interval. We needed to use absolute timing because we did not have to fix this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being only 2 and still being able to deliver on our project!

What we learned

It was Marieme's first Hackathon so it was a great learning experience for her, she work with Bootstrap for the first time! I learnt a lot about MySql as I have never worked with this database before.

What's next for CoffeeBreak

We want to add a lot more features such as an anonymous messaging service and also work on the features that have already been built to make them more accurate!

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