Rent a seat by the second! Using iBeacons!

Have you ever needed to grab a spot at the local coffee shop to get some work done and there were no seats available? If only you could tell the owner to reserve a seat for you. Now you can. If the coffee shop uses our software, they can reserve some spots for hard working customers such as yourself? Why? Because they can automatically charge for them. All you need to do is have the Croissant app on your phone with bluetooth enabled and you will automatically be checked in, checked out, able to order food to your auto-determined seat within the space, and seamlessly charged at the end of your session.

API Integrations


We use three Gimball iBeacons to triangulate your position within a space. Each iBeacon has a line-of-sight of up to 50 yards which allows for maximum flexibility across any number of spaces.


When you leave a designated space, your card will automatically be charged using the Simplify Commerce API using the credit card on file. No manual intervention or extra time spent at the register.

For the fastest deployment and hosting around, we turned to to quickly provision a server from which we could git pull and run gulp and node.js.

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