Coffee Time was an idea that we came up with not long ago. We love coffee-- everyone loves coffee-- so what could be better than a coffee pot that you pre-load and start anytime and anywhere simply by tapping a button on your phone? The answer is an alarm enabled coffee brewing system that brews your coffee for you in the morning and then wakes you up to get it. Coffee time is a coffee pot that we have given the extraordinary gift of the Internet, meaning that we hacked apart its less-than-exciting former insides and gave it a whole new set. Equipped with a full-blown Raspberry Pi computer, the Coffee Time machine maintains a connection to the internet that allows it to communicate with your phone, computer, and other connected devices. In addition, Coffee Time comes with a companion android app for enhanced capabilities-- the most exciting of which is an alarm that makes your favorite morning drink for you. Approximately five minutes before your Coffee Time morning alarm goes off, the Coffee Time machine begins brewing your coffee. By the time your alarm wakes you up, there will be a full pot of coffee awaiting your consumption. That's not it, though. You can't just turn this alarm off, the alarm will only turn off when the Coffee Time machine tells it to, and the Coffee Time machine will only tell your alarm to shut off when you've made your way over to it and pulled it's carafe out for your first cup of the day.

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