Countless people are in HomeOffice during the quarantine period. Communication takes place via VoiP, but is very work-centered, so a call is only made if there is a specific reason. Interpersonal communication is left out, be it with afternoon coffee or just a "good morning". Family members who live alone (e.g. retirees) and do not dare to contact their family are even worse - you do not want to disturb your loved ones.

CoffeeTime gives you the possibility to interact with your friends and family members without the use of a mobile phone. Maybe you ask your self why someone would use a skill like this - the answer is simple. Because it's easy to use, simple and has also an essential health aspect. You don't have to carry your mobile phone with you during the call and even if you switch to the loudspeaker the voice from the other end is not that clear as with the amazon echo.

How it works - It's so simple that you don't believe it at all

If you don't have an amazon echo then - skip step 1 and 2 if you already have one

  1. Grab your laptop
  2. Buy amazon echo (#thumbUp)
  3. install the app
  4. ready to use


Finally you done this CoffeeTime can start =D

Now let's do it professionally

The problem has already been addressed. We want to give the people's the opportunity to call there loved ones without disturbing them. If you are already registered with an amazon account you can start the skill and don't have a mobile phone every again. Besides the fact that people who are at home and have to take care about social distancing, this skill also makes it easier for blind people or people who are not capable to interact with their mobile phone. And if you ask yourself the question of whether people like this are also using mobile phone's - YES!

The value in itself lies with each individual whether he wants to use this skill or not. For our part, we can recommend it from the bottom of our hearts, as it brings relief to everyday life and pulls nothing out of your wallet.

What is the business plan?

We plan to have a freemium concept, which means that the base product as described above is free to use. That is an important aspect for us as we want to engage people not only to start using our product but to actually getting closer together. Additionally, we will implement additional features that enhance the overall experience:

  1. Scheduled and reoccurring calls (e. g. a daily morning coffee)
  2. Defining groups (e. g. family or work colleagues; however, we will offer a default "fav" group for free)
  3. Terminate the online status by a specific time or after a duration (e. g. go offline automatically after 2 hours or at 2 PM)

How it works - in detail

When you are start Alexa, there is an automatic voice recognition so Alexa knows who you are and our skill also. First of all CoffeeTime will take a look into the database if you already registered for this skill. If not you get the information to install the App and register yourself there or you can also to this by telling Alexa all details CoffeeTime needs. A specific user flow is mentioned below. When you have the app you can set yourself available for other contacts. You can also ask Alexa which contacts are online know and ready for a coffee break. Alexa will give you these information and you can call them - let's go ** =D*. You can also set yourself online only for specific contacts. So therefore not everyone can see you that you are available. If you want you can make yourself a favorite list or also groups - it's up to you. You can use the App but if you don't want to install it, you can do everything you can do in the app also with Alexa. Hint: It will take some more time if you do that with Alexa than with the CoffeeTime App - but hey *:)** everything is up to you. So what are you waiting for - let's do this together in a time like this

The flow is a short overview and shows a possibility to interaction between Alexa and the user UserFlow

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