Even though Singapore is a small country, we can still get bored on the way to our workplace or institution. This mundanity does not escape the others around us as well. This opened an opportunity for us to create an app that will allow people to chat and interact with each other and indulge in the Singaporean coffee shop experience like how our parents told us they were.

We hope this improves the public transport experience and will encourage more people to take public transport :)

What it does

Coffee Shop will connect users together who are in close proximity to interact in games or topics that are either generated by users or the application to get some momentum going. If you choose to let Coffee Shop know your daily routes, it will recommend you other users who also take similar routes as you.

How we built it

We used the MERN stack for this Application. MERN Stack:

  1. DigitalOcean We are using DigitalOcean as our virtual server for the back-end of our hack. Since we're students we have access to promotions to use DigitalOcean for free up to 2 years.

  2. ExpressJS Our server will run ExpressJS and will handle our API routes.

  3. ReactJS Our front-end will be coded in the ever popular front-end library.

  4. NodeJS Its just awesome.

We also used AntDesign for our UI library to rapidly prototype our front-end.

In terms of Smart Nation APIs, we used OneMapSG for geolocation information and HTML5 Geolocation functions too.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Lack of technical experience.

Out of all of us, only one person completely knew how to use the above technologies and the rest only had 2 weeks of training with ReactJS. This caused us to regularly try to solve common issues.

  1. Lack of preparation.

HackNTU is happening during the weekend of a module we're taking at SUTD currently. This prevented us to fully think and generate greater ideas and how we were to carry out the hack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. This was the first hackathon most of us attended and it was an awesome experience! Feels good that we overcame the hurdle of starting out and created something that we could call our own.

  2. Some of us really learnt a lot more about web development and programming in general.


What we learned

  1. We learnt how to make a development plan for big projects.
  2. Learn to work better as a team.
  3. Learnt new tech stacks and libraries.

What's next for Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop will remain in the works and will be like a side project for us to learn about new technologies. We hope to include web sockets and a mobile focused UI in the future to make the development and user experience better.

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