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Github with Whitepaper, Presentation, and Extensive technical documentation on the live PoC and Prototype here (You can try it out!): https://github.com/altaga/CoffeeChain-NTBS

Presentation: https://github.com/altaga/CoffeeChain-NTBS/blob/main/PresNTBS.pdf

Instead of a Medium article (that would be written by ourselves) here are a couple links from our traction this past month (original sources in spanish here translated):





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Welcome to Coffee Chain:

Coffee Chain is a platform where you can buy authentic, socially responsible and 100% organic products, validated and tracked by blockchain.

We have in Mexico a problem related with hunger that comes from poor financial inclusion.

Mexico among a population of 127 Million has 28 of those suffering from hunger and 11 in extreme hunger. More than half which are from indigenous populations.

Economic growth is a key to alleviate that hunger, and already in these communities there's a plethora of agronomic cooperatives eager to sell their products. But, they have several challenges, one of the most important ones is to have a fair trade.

And that’s one of the biggest ones as we found out that most of these cooperatives have no electronic commerce and their products are being sold on other platforms in which case this does not reach the producers, indeed breaking fair trade which is devastating to those communities.

Now, what does a consumer seek in a brand?

The modern consumer seeks products that are:

  • Socially Responsible
  • Organic
  • Healthy
  • Sustainable

But mainly…. That they generate trust

Trust is determinant in a social setting as we can see from this example from Nike related to a very social cause.

Then our goal is to make a platform that HELPS producers by increasing consumer confidence and enhancing fair trade.


We have already taken some steps on that front by:

The cooperative in is named Obio that works in southeast Mexico and it is backed by one of the largest banks in our country and the world.

Here are the links that show social proof of these statements (Sorry, everything is in Spanish):



Here is an extra video of the road and our first interview with the players in question:


More on obio:



Having said this, we seek that our certificates guarantee that the purchase benefits whoever produces it.

Thank you.



Video: Click on the image DEMO

How it Works:

The entire platform was primarily based on AWS and IBM Cloud services.

  1. The application stores the data of the products through a DynamoDB database.
  2. The database is read by the web page through an API Gateway, it executes a Python and NodeJs based Lambda Functions to perform the DB Query.
  3. We embeded the chabot on the website through the IBM Web Chat integration as a scipt.
  4. The web page is deployed through a CI / CD cycle thanks to an AWS Amplify.
  5. The page verifies the provenance of the products by reading the data in the Digital Bits blockchain.
  6. The application can check out the cart through the Rapyd APIs.

For further technical documentation go to this part of our Github:


DigitalBits Blockchain Integration:

The website can read the data directly from the DigitalBits Testnet blockchain to find the record of each product through its signature, which is encoded in a QR to be able to read it easily with the platform.

Reading and writing on the blockchain is done through the DigitalBits API and JS DigitalBits SDK.

https://frontier.testnet.digitalbits.io/ https://github.com/DigitalBitsOrg/js-digitalbits-sdk

This section of the page has 4 fundamental parts.

  • The QR code scanner.

  • The information loaded from the blockchain, which includes the checkpoints, image, brand and other information related to the product:

  • The map that aims to be able to see the locations where the product has been by checking the distribution chain, in addition to it we will have a link to the blockchain explorer to be able to see the information loaded in it directly, it should be said that this information it is permanent and impossible to change.

Here we leave you the QR of one of the products so you can check it yourself.

Perhaps the most important part is that we created an explorer for transactions, in order to visualize the api data delivered in JSON format to a more user-friendly format.


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