What it does

This is a Discord bot that facilitates informal 1:1 coffee chats by randomly choosing between fellows, mentors, and maintainers who opt-in. ☕ The theme for this hack addresses: "Community Building – Create a project that helps foster connections between fellows, mentors, and maintainers.".

It's a Node.js project that uses the discord.js library to communicate with the Discord API. There are several commands users can interact with to start getting paired with somebody else from the organization. To get started using the bot, users need to opt-in by using the start command. After activating the service, users can build a profile consisting of social links (LinkedIn, GitHub) which will be shared with the match to facilitate the conversation. This information is saved on a database.


Coffee Buddy was designed to ensure the best experience 💖 Here are some of its most notable features:

  • Automated no-human-needed pairings ✨
  • Human-friendly responses which foster an inclusive community 🌈 (users can set pronouns)
  • User profiles that showcase pronouns LinkedIn, GitHub, bio links to facilitate the conversation ☕️
  • Easy integration with an external database (any!)


Setting up environment variables

This project uses dotenv to load environment variables from .env file. You’ll need to create a .env file and declare the following keys:

BOT_TOKEN: get your Discord bot token in the Discord Developer Portal. GUILD_ID: the ID of your Discord guild. PREFIX: specify this variable if you’d like to set up a different prefix for the commands (default is !). DB_NAME: database name. DB_USERNAME: database username. DB_PASSWORD: database username password. DB_HOST: URL where the database is hosted.

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