Our inspiration is to survive 24 hour hacking, so that next morning we feel fresh and ready for the presentation. The only thing that we know that helps is coffee. So we hacked the coffee machine, to simplify the routine of leaving the coding mode, standing up, going to the coffee machine, struggling there for about two minutes, until we figure it out and then all the way back. Telling the story, brings pain to my dead brain.

What it does

The simplification is in the following. Without getting up or anything, we can just open up Facebook Messenger, search for jcoffeebot and text her, like we text our friends. You could tell her when you want to have coffee in 5 minutes or at 7a.m next morning. Imagine, your office with too much work, you just text your smart coffee maker friend and you do not lose any time. Or imagine in the morning, you do not have time to make coffee, again you text your smart coffee maker friend.

How we built it

The project that we created is a combination of Facebook Messenger, Google's, Arduino, Python, Node.js. We used Arduino and servo motors to control the on/off function of the coffee machine, Facebook Messenger - for the interaction with user, Google's - for building the Artificial Intelligence for the Coffee Bot, Node.JS for building the server and python for the interaction with Arduino.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first working with Artificial Intelligence so it was hard to understand the concept behind how the bot should actually work. But after spending half of the night on figuring it out, we managed to do it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating our smart coffee machine friend who will accompany us back home to help us through midterms and finals, and not only that, she will become a bigger, smarter and more helpful version of her and will help other hackers on our organized hackathons!

What we learned

What we always learn on hackathons in to overcome challenges. That is the hardest and most addictive part of it. Once you overcome it you do it again and again. We learned to go till the end again, and proved once more to ourselves that if we want to do something, we can!

What's next for Coffee Bot

As mentioned above we do want and are going to make it smarter in terms of making it configurable and developing its AI. And maybe we teach her how to talk and maybe she actually becomes "her".

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