2019 ETHNewYork Hackathon
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Coeus, son of Uranus and Gaia, was the Titan of wisdom and intellect. The very definition of his name is “questioning.” Even the Greeks, many years ago, understood that a fundamental mindset for education is to be questioning. Coeus was also one of the four pillars, the north pillar to be exact, that held the heavens above the earth. Unfortunately for him though, the Titans were banned to the underworld after a disastrous war against the gods. Our purpose is to bring Coeus back to the education system.

CoeusDAO aims to apply this same approach to the education industry itself and question its current status quo. Do we have the tools necessary to build a better education system today? We say yes. CoeusDAO can coordinate inquisitive minds, resources, and teachers using economic incentives and unlocking the full value of education.

The $2T US education market is stagnant with no major changes since 859 AD when the University of Karueein in Morocco was founded. This created an ecosystem that is inefficient, archaic and un-accessible to all parts of the society. As a result we as a society spend many resources on an inefficiently without utilizing it potential fully. Moreover, due to the lack of transparency existing in the current ecosystem we regularly introduce additional services on top of it to address its current shortcoming. An example for such services is background verification services which is a $4B industry in the US alone.

Key Value Proposition

  • Relevant education- Courses could be created for any topic as long as there is a sufficient demand for them by students
  • Accessible- Any student can use the platform to learn and every teacher can become one as long as he/she keeps the course above the platform’s threshold scoring
  • Efficient- Due to the platform decentralization, there is no additional overhead in order to verify information
  • Verifiable- Certificates and reputations can be easily verified on chain by employers
  • Trustworthy- Unbiased validators ensure the platform is beneficial for all stakeholders for monetary incentives
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