With Coeus, you can practice avoiding memory loss problems, especially Alzheimer's, by helping using our application. The game is designed to entertain as well as serve its primary purpose of strengthening one's memory.

Built with HTML, CSS, bootstrap, javaScript, and firebase technologies are all used in the creation of Coeus. Figma was used to design UI

How it was built

After exchanging ideas about how to implement the application, we decided to build it with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

When we were four members of a team, we decided to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript because it was the most popular stack amongst us all. However, some unplanned events led to some of our teammates leaving, causing a lot of work for the other three members. React js would have made work much but a lot had already been covered unfortunately

What we learned

  • No matter what project we're working on, always keep setbacks in mind
  • Be willing to learn new things.
  • In terms of design 80% of the expectations were executed but there was some element of design that could've been communicated more effectively.
  • Expect the unexpected

What's next for Coeus

What’s next?

  • Coeus doesn’t store users data other than login credentials which means the application (memory game) has to be played from scratch each time a user logs in,
  • Adding other regimes such as: reaction time

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