I just like every other freshman wanted to stay organized during my first year in college but i hate having to input my syllabus at the start of the semester into an independent tracker on my laptop which would take hours. Plus all of that work for the professor not to follow the syllabus, so that involved getting my laptop, opening the application, going through all of my assignments just to adjust a date by a day or two. It's tiring, it really is.

So with "Cody" you would just text him and he would (ideally) read off all of your assignments and just simply add or remove what you have already.

Using Twilio's machine learning and Auto Pilot I created a bot. Used ngrok to establish an independent server, and jinja and google cloud services to run the website (that stopped working prior to launch >_>).

When I started I originally had 3 other team members but through-out the time they all bailed and just enjoyed HackRU so i had no choice to start and finish the project by myself. Even though I attended HackNY previously I consider this my first REAL hackathon, being that i had the same issue of my teammates losing interest and bailing. But I'm proud of what little i was able to accomplish, I learned a lot and met a bunch of new friends.

Hopefully when i have the time i get to establish a real data base(actually i made a script that stores all texts sent into a google spread sheet that could later be used as a database) and store all assignments and have it work on it's own.

To Try it out: Text: 845-209-2205 to See what's up - It's not much but I'm Proud! (Text like it was a normal person and not a bot, use "hello", "hey", "what's up", or say "Hey Cody"... or start if you're boring :) )

*I shut down Cody's server after HackRU :( *

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