Even the best programmers need help sometimes. With so many different technologies in the world today, and so many more appearing on a daily basis, there will almost always be someone more knowledgeable about a topic than you are. Sometimes, developers just want to try something new, with someone new.

Meet {codr}, our solution to this. {codr} asks users to log in with their personal GitHub accounts, and using a variety of tools, pulls random code samples, languages used, and last commit date. Users can "vote" 1 or 0 (like or pass) on each user that they see, and if the user likes them too, they can chat! Using our platform, we hope that people can build new professional or personal relationships, and grow their skills to the highest level possible.

To make our project a reality, we used a variety of different technologies. All the data about a user's GitHub is collected using calls to GitHub's public API, then stored in MongoDB. This database is exposed with a RESTful API through a Tornado web client. Tornado's websocket client is used to facilitate the chat feature, and Angular.JS is used to manage the frontend. All of the information is run through a virtual machine on Microsoft's Azure Cloud Services. As a small side project, we decided to port our web app for use on Android and iOS devices.

Need a partner in code? Let {codr} hook you up

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