Considering the major gender gap in computer science, one of the fastest-growing professions in the global economy, it is crucial we take the correct steps to increase the interest of young girls to pursue computer science. Koding Kuties is a beginning step, an aesthetically pleasing site which provides the first times for new coders to get comfortable with starting their journey. As someone who struggled a lot when learning how to code, I wanted to create a platform for other girls like me so I can make their journey easier than mine was.

What it does

Koding Kuties provide all the necessary information and tools in a beginner friendly manner. With an appealing layout, my goal was to make it as creative as possible with the skills I have so people will stay on the site longer and explore everything it has to offer.

How we built it

I built the website using HTML and CSS

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge I faced was figuring out the sizing and placing for each element I created for my website. It took a lot of trial and error since I started from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

My biggest accomplishment was creating my website from scratch and getting it done within a timely manner considering I worked 8 hour shifts both days of the hackathon. This was the first time I worked solo for a hackathon and I enjoyed it very much since I got to control everything.

What we learned

I learned that I have to be patient with the styling process when working on the front-end. At times I tried to rush but that didn’t get me anywhere.

What's next for Koding Kuties

My future goals for Koding Kuties would be to create a responsive webpage with JavaScript. As of now I only know HTML and CSS and JavaScript will help me tie the site together.

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