My team members are Zuoning Zhang, Suhit Agarwal, and Jessica Cheng.

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We were inspired to create this website because a lot of times self-taught coders do not have access to resources college students do through their career centers. It is also difficult for beginners to know where to start, so we aggregating resources to provide a one-stop website where they could find all the resources they needed to start coding. Additionally, we support underrepresented communities by showcasing their portfolios on our website. During months like Black History Month and Pride Month, we highlight the portfolios of respective communities to create more awareness. We also have a "Donate" page as part of our website which is used to help people who want to continue their coding journey but do not have access to computers anymore due to virtual schooling. In an article by Times it was found that a majority of Latino students had to confront a wide digital divide, so we aim to support all those who are struggling through our donations page.

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