Coding For A Cause - Binghamton University's Social Hackathon.

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Challenges is a service that enables organizations that aim to benefit the community to directly interact with their the community. Geared towards individuals who may have difficulties accessing internet or do not have smartphones, uses SMS as the primary means of communication. Signing up for and receiving notifications does not require anything but a basic phone with the ability to text.

Who are Team NullPointerException?

Charlie DiGiovanna - GitHub

  • MongoDB database integration
  • Email and password encryption.

Tim Hung - GitHub - LinkedIn

  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Designed logo and icon.

William Jagels - GitHub - LinkedIn

  • Javascript.
  • Secured domain name.
  • Set up DigitalOcean server.
  • Set up SendGrid services.

Rushil Kumar - GitHub

  • Back-end: Node.js
  • Javascript.
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