Our inspiration comes from the idea of simplifying and making education more fun. We wanted to introduce something complex, such as learning how to code/program, in a way that’s fun and familiar - like a game! We wanted to make the concept of programming accessible and interesting to people of all ages!

What it does

This out-of-this-world lens (literally), transforms the user’s environment into outer space. Roobert, the robot, stands on top of the space station and he needs the user’s help. His battery is running low and he needs to get to the charging station. A program panel appears and the user’s needs to program Roobert, by tapping simple commands, to get him to the charging station. Here, the user’s learn the basics of running a program.

How we built it

We used Blender3D to create the 3D models and animation, Photoshop for 2D graphics and Substance Painter for materials. We also used Lens Studio javascript for custom coding and particle materials.

Challenges we ran into

This was far the most complex coding we’ve done in a lens. The levels design, logic, in combination with storyline and making it educational and still fun was a challenge. We also needed to utilize AR and why this game is more fun using AR. The users need to physically move around their room, move their phone, to see the space station in order to successfully program Roobert.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Super proud of this whole lens. We create an augmented reality, story driven, educational game and hope that this invites people to get interested in programming/coding.

What we learned

We learned that designing and developing a game can be very challenging! Creating something that is fun, easy to use, educational and visually appealing is no easy feat! It takes a lot of teamwork and coordination to make all of these things happen!

What's next for Coding Station

It would be fun to try on the latest spectacles, by changing the screen tap gestures to hand tracking and have the users fully immersed in the game. It could also be the start of an AR game series, with more levels, more coding challenges and complexity.

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