Many new programmers have used Scratch or similar coding tools. However, they're not quite interactive. You string together a slew of blocks, and a computer mysteriously produces an animation on your screen – or not, if you've got a bug!

With CodingIRL, you get to be the computer. Given a puzzle on screen, you have to string together commands to solve it – then you get to execute it. Powered by the Oculus Rift, you appear in a virtual reality world where, voice guided by your techniques, you get to find your way to the puzzle's solution.

If you mess up the solution, no worries! Back to the drawing board before you hop back in.

This approach introduces new programmers, especially kids, to important algorithmic and problem solving techniques.

How we built it

Unity and Oculus Rift for the virtual reality stage, and Game Maker (with Game Maker Language) to execute the GUI/planning stage.

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