Elevator pitch: Learn how to learn how to code with an interactive VR experience.

Here’s the whole story inspiration:

“Coding Inside Out” is an experience for adults interested in learning object oriented programming but don’t know where to begin. Many beginner tutorials are intimidating (despite best intentions) and don’t convey the power and creativity promised by learning to code.

This is NOT a program that teaches you coding syntax but rather is meant to lower barriers to entry for those that are scared off by even the most basic of tutorials. We are hoping this will inspire new coders and that people who collaborate with developers (but are not themselves coders) will find this experience a useful way of understanding the basics of what their partners do.

Instead of typing into a console, “Coding Inside Out” brings you inside the console and YOU become the object the code is modifying. In the first level, you interact with other objects and, while doing, can see how code is updating with each attribute and method acquired.

The experience is built in Unity with SteamVR and developed for Vive. We integrated a story about self discovery and exploration, and designers and developers worked together to create the environment and interactions.

Like learning to code itself, the main challenge was figuring out the right language to express symbolically the experience of coding.

This experience is just the first level. Additional levels could demonstrate more complex aspects of coding.

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