Making a coding educational game and spreading awareness for the environment.

What it does

You were provided the task to operate the brand new Skimmer 9000 and clean Earth's water. There's only one problem. The Skimmer 9000 doesn't run on fossil fuels, rather it runs on your coding commands.

The Purpose

Skimming the Seas will teach the foundation of coding to players, while providing awareness of polluted water sources.

How we built it

Skimming the Seas was built in Unity 2019, while utilizing many of its tools an packages, such as C# and the Post Processing Stack.

Challenges we ran into

Time and art were the big issues. Our original Idea was out of scope, and we had to focus it in. Art was in part made by the team and part utilizing fully free assets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The game runs well and from our testing, very bug free. It feels polished and it could be finished sometime in the future.

What we learned

Some of us have never used Unity before. Others explored parts of it they have never used.

What's next for Skimming the Seas

Possibly working on the project after school work dies down.


Check out the latest version here

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