Why use Coding Sandwich Creator?

There are a lot of easy to use online coding games that try to teach kids how to code. However, when you look at all of these applications, they are all missing one important thing, the syntax! These programs use code that is translated into wording that is easy to follow, but does not provide a transition to actual coding. We decided to change that. Our program tasks the children with dragging sandwich ingredients together, making different types of sandwiches to satisfy the requirements. For each level, Python code is displayed on the screen, providing an if statement with conditions to follow. As the player satisfies each condition of the code, it will light up. This system teaches children to associate each action of the game with real code and helps them understand the code syntax behind their actions.

How we built it

We used javafx and java versiom 10.0.2 in order to create the project. A large amount of caffeine was also consumed during development of this project

What's next for Coding Sandwich Creator

Future additions include more levels that go more in depth with while loops and for loops. These examples will further reinforce the relationship between syntax and the actions the kids are doing for each level

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