During the pandemic, every student has moved to online studies using online books, tutorials and videos. When we talk about the online or internet it means we have a plethora of resources. But sometimes it is tiring for us to select the best when we have various options. One of our teammates was facing the same problem. For us, a hackathon means building a solution to any problem. Before this hackathon also, we were discussing the problems that we are facing in our daily life, she told us that she is struggling to find the best course for learning data structures and algorithms. She said there is not a particular website where she can find all the available courses from different organisations in different formats like videos, books or tutorials. This has motivated us to build coding comrades.

What it does

Coding comrades has all the best available courses, books and tutorials from different websites and organisations. It provides you with multiple filters where you can learn from the best resource according to your need. Some students love to watch videos and some are interested in reading. We have all the best options available for you.

Coding Comrades gives you various options to select the best suitable resource on your terms. If you are studying before an exam day we have tutorials, if you are from a Netflix binge-watch generation we have videos and if you are a book worm we have books for you. But we will never let you compromise with your studies.

How we built it

We have built it using the vue.js framework, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JSON.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't know anything about the backend and REST API. During this hackathon only, we learn everything about the backend and API. We didn’t have a particular API for the resources. We didn’t know to build JSON and how to update it, so we manually created all the JSON data, but the problem was that we were unsure about our specific requirements, so while creating the application we had to change our format as per the needs. And since we wanted to filter out the data based on some specific tags in JSON, we had to make sure that the data was consistent. So then we created an excel sheet to create dropdowns for the elements that were to be filtered. This helped to remove case sensitive and spelling mistake issues. From excel we were not able to extract specifically to JSON, so we searched for a better way to create JSON. For this, we found out repository. First, we cloned this repository, then after reading the documentation, we edited the HTML file, and created the schema for our JSON format. The application converted the schema into form, and on submission of the form, we were able to receive the required data. So, we added 50-100 resources for our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that no one from our team was familiar with the backend part and REST APIs still we are able to make the final product implementing all the features that we wanted to.

What we learned

We learnt how to collaborate as a team and take challenges.

What's next for Coding Comrades

Due to time constraints, we could not be able to collect a large amount of data of different formats according to the best reviews and ratings. We also want to add a feature where users can create their roadmap or resources and can share them with their friends. In this way, users would be able to create the resources according to their experiences.

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