As volunteers of out local Girls Who Code chapter, we noticed how much of a challenge transportation is for students, especially students that rely on school busing. So, we thought it would be very useful to create a virtual computer science school to teach interested people computer science concepts and programming skills.

What it does

Coding Chat teaches users programming languages, educates about various aspects within the field, and provides an interactive environment to allow learners to collaborate and receive assistance.

How we built it

We developed objects in Blender, created the environment in Unity, and coded intractable features in C# via Visual Studios.

Challenges we ran into

We're relatively to virtual reality so we ran into quite a few issues with learning how it works and how to use it. We were also too ambitious in the planning stages, so we got a bit carried away with Coding Chat's potential.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud of how the environment and how it looks. It is very detailed and thought out.

What we learned

We learned a ton about Unity, Oculus Rift, c#, and incorporating online documentation in our project.

What's next for Coding Chat

We only created one sample classroom but eventually we will create two more classrooms, a lobby with a help desk for students to get help with their code, and a lecture space to hold meetings where professionals will talk about their lives in computer science. On a more logistical note, we would love to incorporate teleportation so that the user is not physically required to move around the room. We also believe their is a lot of potential to incorporate Tap Technology as a keyboard and track pad for students. Overall, our goal is to make computer science accessible to all, particularly nontraditional computer science students and under represented students, and we believe with the increasing popularity trends with VR headsets, Coding Chat can have play a huge part in that.

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