It was agreed upon that we all had a passion for music, as well as the creative process behind it. Since we are a beginner team, we did not set our hopes particularly high. We settled on creating something which would both satisfy us and hopefully make people laugh. We believe we have accomplished this.

What it does

Codiggity is a rap generating machine. The user enters in a word, which starts the rhyming sequence, and an automated voice raps the lyrics in sync with the music.

How we built it

We built Codiggity using C# in Visual Studio and MonoDevelop. We ask the user to input a noun and that noun is used as the last word in the first sentence. After that we use rhymebrain's API to find a word that rhymes with the noun the user entered. After that we generate random nouns for the end of sentences and maintain an AABB CCDD EEFF GG rhyme scheme. Also to generate words that rhyme we have to guarantee that the word is a noun so we use to ensure it's a noun. Then we used Microsoft's speech synthesizer to make the computer read the rap, and finished it off with some Garageband beats and our very own logo.

Challenges we ran into

Our first issue of many was that one of our laptops simply would not connect to internet for twelve hours, so our programmers had to use a USB to pass code back and forth. Around midnight this magically fixed itself though, so things became easier. Our second issue, resolved about an hour ago, was that our one Windows laptop(the laptop which would best run the program) has terrible speakers. Because it is an auditory program, it is important that everyone can hear the straight fire Codiggity is able to create. There were no speakers in the hardware booth, so we ended up working as a team for close to two hours solving one of the Bloomberg puzzles in order to win a bluetooth speaker.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the way we handled our challenges(particularly the puzzle), as well as the way we went about the creative process. Also, we are proud of our efforts to navigate sentence structure.

What we learned

The main lesson learned is that fun is the best motivator. Projects motivated by the need to laugh and remain in awe of what we have created are always the easiest to complete.

What's next for Codiggity

Codiggity will continue to be refined until it is perfect. We(the team behind the musical genius), will then exploit Codiggity to become famous rappers. With our riches, we will build an even bigger and better Codiggity, and become the best rappers known to man.

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