Expose minority groups that otherwise may not have the opportunity to explore programming to basic concepts with a fun, interactive "pet robot" game. We wanted to highlight women in technology and breaking free of various stereotypical gender rolls. The inspiration came from the statistic quoting that girls lose interest in science as early as age 8 *(

How it works

The child picks a robot class, object, various properties, and functions. These come together to provide an experience where the youth "takes care" of their robot pet. All can be done with dropdown boxes to the left, but the code shows on the right side, so the youth can understand how the action was produced with code.

Challenges I ran into

Time was our biggest challenge. Our project was large in scope, and getting all features running was not an option in the day we had to program. Combining various frameworks was challenging, as well as working with various experience levels regarding those frameworks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The pixel graphics were amazing, our favorite being the female engineer. The concept was something we were all excited about, and would love to see into completion. We would have loved this as a child!

What I learned

We learned:

  • what various programs were available to create animations
  • exposure to basic angular
  • exposure to git and a team environment
  • time management

What's next for Codigachi

Finishing features, integrating features such as allowing the child to break code, polishing the overall GUI.

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