There are a lot of stereotypes that STEM careers are for men. Young women do not have a lot of easy access to technology education and women generally believe tech related fields would be too difficult for them. We decided to create a game that would be fun and rewarding allowing young women to learn a little bit about computer science and the technology fields.

What it does

The user first may read some short tutorials on the concepts that will be presented in the game. If the user is already familiar with the concepts they may skip and go into game play. The game starts by choosing an avatar and then goes into the game play. The character is skateboarding through the city but begins running into obstacles such as firewalls or bugs. In order to jump over the obstacles, the player must correctly answer a question about coding or technology. If the user fails to answer the question they will lose a 'life'. After 3 'lives' are lost the user has lost the game and must go back to the homepage to try again. As the user continues to complete questions, they will level up and get questions that require increasing knowledge in computing.

How we built it

We build the game in Python using Pyglet, a python library. We created most of the animations in PIXEL. The mobile application prototype that we created was designed using

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge we ran into was deciding what to write our game in. We were first playing around with writing a mobile app in kivy but we spent a lot of time making very little progress. We then transitioned into creating the game on a PC and sticking to using a prototype for the mobile application due to the time constraint. The greatest challenge was creating our vision in such a short time. As a team we were all very diligent and did as much as we could to create the most important aspects of our vision however we could not implement all of the games levels and rewards.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the overall design of our game including using the bitmojis as characters, designing our logo and the overall concept itself. We are also proud of how well we were able to work together having never met each other or worked together before and playing to all of our strengths to create a working game!

What we learned

We learned how to play to all of our strengths. We learned some new skills about creating a game in Pyglet. We learned how to create a prototype in, and we learned a lot from the mentors about how to market our application, and how to make sure to think about what makes an application successful.

What's next for CodHer()

Some future implementation that we would like to include for CodHer() includes

  • Allowing users to use the points they collect to purchase outfits for their avatars
  • Create more levels allowing users to build up their skills
  • Adding a level that allows the users to write code to change how the character moves

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