There’s a lot of gender disparity in the tech field. One reason for this is lack of representation for women/girls in tech. At a young age, girls are discouraged to go into technology and coding, because it is seen as a “guy’s thing” or “it’s too hard.”

The purpose of this app is to show girls that coding isn’t as intimidating as they think. With an interactive interface, the user sees pseudo-code and they input their preferences, and this is stimulating them “coding.” They will be customizing their own character, and as they go through the different steps of customizing, they will be picking up on small starter skills for new coders.

What it does

User opens App and enters their name. User is asked to answer questions based on their preferences(i.e. clothing), but at the same time they are actually putting in code for the pseudo-code. In the end, their final avatar is shown.

How we built it

Sohy Lee … Back End Code Shirene Cao … Front End Code Gahouray Dukuray … Content/Information

Main sources of learning:;

Challenges we ran into

Connecting front-end and back-end Compiling errors

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our teamwork Self-learning skills

What we learned

Android App development -> front-end, back-end Design Invisionapp

What's next for CodeYourAvatar

Detailed Avatars More features More levels of difficulty Inclusion of resources for girls who want to code beyond our game

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