Climate Change is an existential threat which requires swift and decisive political policy and corporate leadership in order to overcome. But that is not enough. Over 50% of emissions come from end-users of products and services, (i.e. you and me). It's time to step up, and take action. Track your footprint, get recognition for you environmental actions, and make the changes we need to preserve the planet and keep the earth cool for ourselves and future generations.

Cascadia Carbon's solution:

To build an app (CODEX) which allows individuals to track and get credit for their environmental actions using our carbon neutral cryptocurrency.

How we built it

As foresters, we have developed a way to immutably link a crypto-token with living trees using blockchain technology. Our CODEX crypto-token allows the owner to log, view, and update their purchased digital tree twin right from your mobile device using a unique QR code, their location and a private key. Our AI-assisted app development process, in partnership with NVIDIA Inception and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) support.

Challenges we ran into

Net-Zero is difficult. Carbon Negative is ever harder. We've been carbon neutral since our inception.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bootstrapping our solution to climate change to an MVP product. Reforesting 200 acres of Oregon's post-wildfire land. Planting and cataloging urban street trees throughout the Pacific Northwest. Living a low-carbon lifestyle.

What we learned

Still learning...

What's next for CODEX Digital Tree Token

Tokenization and securitization of 1T eCO2 Digital Offset Tokens for sale to Enterprise.

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