We were inspired by our love for games and puzzles in addition to our passion for programming and solving interesting problems.

What it does

The game presents programming challenges via in-game puzzles which require user script to solve in order to progress.

How we built it

We developed CodeWizard using Unity, C#, and Lua for setting up small, yet complex puzzle environments. All artwork is original.

Challenges we ran into

We are both new to Unity, so it took time to learn the environment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being a team of two, we are very proud to come out of VolHacks with a working project. Our hack was ambitious for the scope of one weekend, but we managed to buckle down and pull it off.

What we learned

We've gained valuable experience into game development that has helped to round out our programming abilities.

What's next for CodeWizard

We hope to expand on our project with more puzzles and interactive objects. We would love to develop problems that accurately reflect those encountered in technical interviews, as well as showcase popular security breach weak points that can be used as learning exercises.

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