From the time we start our you tube channel and build our community we start feeling need of one platform where we can upload and manage all the activities of student easily. Our Soul motivation behind building this website is to help school and colleges students in enhancing their technical skills, building their developer profile and prepare them to get job into MNC.

Website Link

Website link

What it does

We Include lots of latest/Advances Hubspot features:

  • On code with developers website students are able to see our upcoming courses, bootcamps and mentorship program.
  • We Make a separate landing page for new students whenever any new students visit our website he can register itself on landing page and its contact get saved in database.
  • We also include one separate page for events where we list our upcoming videos/ courses and past videos where students can watch videos very easily in organised manner.
  • We include Blogs page where students/ mentors and our faculty members can share their learning with students.
  • Anyone can write blogs on our page after passing through some basic criteria. and they can comment on any post ask about their queries and much more.
  • We also include chatbot using this students can contact us quickly and talk to us regarding his query.
  • There is one Subscription/Pricing page from that student can connect with us for some special perks like One-on-One mentorship and some special courses.
  • We include arrange a meeting option in out contact page using this student can contact us and arrange meeting with us. One meeting link automatically generated and mailed to that student.

Backend part

  • We include 2 forms one for new students registration and another one is for purchasing subscription. Whenever person register on any form their contacts gets saved in contact lisk, person and our team member received mail according to automation.
  • we chat with person through chatbot and it's very easy to use.
  • We manage out team, workflow
  • we set workflow for email marketing and meeting automation.
    • we check websites and forms analytics through hubspot portal also.

Other than that we are also running 2 variant of our website A/B test such that we can check which website students like more.

How we built it

  • We built it using Hubspot CMS and CRM tools, HTMl and css.
  • we write fresh content for our website.
  • We improve SEO using seo recommendation tool such that i can reach to more and more peoples and i grow my website traffic quickly.

Challenges we ran into

This was my first time when i'm building any website. Before this hackathon i don't have any idea of hubspot platform. Even i don't know about CMS and CRM full form before this hackathon. I'm facing issue in learning new thing quickly and implementing it in my website. Hubspot tours, Documentation helps me a lot in this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I have proud on me that after lots of effort i'm able to complete my website and i include lots of functionality in website it's very helpful for me in future. Now out team can easily menor student through code with developers website.

What we learned

From Hubspot portal Tours, documentations and some 3-5 minutes i learnt a lot about hubspot. Other than that i also learn which type of user and customer we need to manage things easily this is very helpful for us. I learn about SEO tool and how to optimize website some amazing tips are there.

What's next for codeWithDevelopers

I'm planning to include more and more content/ Courses for students and features:- Trying to include meeting platform in future and our developers also trying to build website where we manage Classrooms/ Groups easily for study. Looking forward for more innovative ideas.

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