We were inspired to break down the barriers for learning programming around the world. Recently, a study came out that found if non-English speaking children learned programming fundementals in their native language, they learned better and were more receptive to programming.

What it does

CodeWeGo is a website which teaches HTML, CSS, and Javascript in Spanish using Spanish keywords and tags. The website has a text editor on the left and will run the selected code in the box on the right, similar to W3schools or CodeAcademy. However, with CodeWeGo, students and adults can learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript in their native language using tags and keywords. For example, instead of using a tag like "table", CodeWeGo accepts, and translates the tag "mesa" (mesa is the Spanish word for table). In this project, we only added a Spanish as a language option due to time constraints.

What is the problem you’re solving?

CodeWeGo solves the language barrier in learning web development. With CodeWeGo, those that wouldn't necessarily try to learn web development due to the confusion language barriers creates, will now have an opportunity to learn in an easier, more comfortable environment. Learning programming is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Why should there still be a language barrier? From our research, we could not find any code learning system specifically made for non-English speakers which used native language tags.

We have two modes: Tutorial and SandBox. The Tutorial mode provides a brief explanation about HTML and how to use the tags. For simplicity and demonstration sake, we have kept the tutorial explanations themselves in English. In the SandBox mode, the user can use it as a text editor and export their project as a translated HTML file in English.

Who are users and/or customers?

Our users and customers would be non-English speaking children 8-18 years-old and adults worldwide. Although we currently only made a Spanish version, we hope to expand to more languages and reach more people worldwide.

What’s currently missing that they need and which your solution provides?

The world is currently missing a way to learn web development/programming in another language. Although Code Academy has a Spanish HTML tutorial, all of the tags and key words are still in English. CodeWeGo is different because we teach web development using tags and keywords in Spanish. CodeWeGo can also easily expand beyond just Spanish in order to reach future developers worldwide.

How I built it

We built the application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Mysql.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into the challenge of originally wanting to build the application in Angular but finding that it was not necessary. We also have been having some issues with displaying accented vowels (well used in the Spanish language) on the website; therefore, we can accept both the accented and non accented tag words.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to get the entirety of the JavaScript to work after only 12hours.

What I learned

We learned that in order to have an effective team and code, source control is pivotal.

What's next for CodeWeGo

We would like to further work on the page, add more languages, and launch it as a learning system for children and adults around the world. We are also looking into creating a CodeWeGo text editor plug in for Sublime text or Atom. (text editors)

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