The problem

In these difficult times, nurses do not have time to communicate the patient's situation to the family frequently, therefore:

  1. relatives spend days without news;
  2. when they phone they waste time, in addition to the communication itself, also to answer questions from relatives.

Our solution

As soon as you open the app you can see:

  • at the top a toolbar with the name of the application on the left and the Log In button on the right;
  • in the center, there is one of the four macro-sections:
    1. FAQ;
    2. NEWS;
    4. SCANNER;
  • below a navbar for navigation between the sections. Below are explained all the features of Family SBAR.


When the Log In button is clicked, a pop up appears to log in or to register. If you are already registered, just enter Email and Password and click Sign In. Otherwise click the Sign Up button and enter Name, Surname, Email, Password and Confirm Password and then Sign Up.


In this section you have a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the COVID theme. In this way, users can get some of the answers to the questions they would ask the nurses if they called.


This page contains all the news about three categories: health, science and business. All articles are extracted from reliable sources in order to limit the circulation of fake news. The page will display a list of titles that are nothing more than links to the web page with the complete article. In addition to the list of articles, there is a section at the top with the constantly updated numbers of infections, dead and healed in the country of the user. Moreover, at the bottom there is a slider that serves to select, in a range from 1 to 10, the positivity of the news that the user wants to view. This function has been designed for nurses who, choosing a value of 10, can decide to see only positive news and improve their mood.


This page contains the list of all hospitalized relatives of whom I can receive information. At the end of the list there is the Add Relative button which allows you to add the communication channel for news about the hospitalized relative. To do this, just enter the Dossier ID and Password present on the coupon issued by the ambulance. Once added, all messages sent by nurses about the patient can be viewed. In this way they will be able to stay updated on his condition. There are three types of user: simple user, registered user and nurse user. This page is displayed only by registered user and nurse.


In addition to the sections listed above, the nurse user also has this section that allows him to scan the QR code associated with the patient and open the section to send messages to the family. The nurse can write the messages directly or he can select one of the preset messages above the text box.


  • When the ambulance arrives at the home of the infected, he makes him sign a privacy document that contains a unique code.
  • The health care professional subsequently issues the coupon with instructions for using the app to the relative present at that time.
  • The user at home must follow the instructions to access the communication channel.
  • When the patient arrives at the hospital, he keeps the signed and completed privacy document with him so that the nurse at the end of his shift, after completing the SBAR card, will be able to scan the QR and send a message in a few seconds.
  • The relative at home receives the notification and can read the update.

This leads to less emotional burden on both sides for two reasons:

  • relatives at home are always updated on the patient's condition;
  • nurses don't waste too much time making phone calls and answering questions.

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