We all know how challenging it is to prepare for a software engineering internship interview. Like that wasn't enough, there are so many resources online that might cause you to have decision fatigue. Because of this, many don’t know where to start.

Due to the abundance of interview-prep resources online, certain hard-working content creators are often overlooked. For instance, women content creators are significantly underrepresented than their counterparts.

Our group noticed how women are underrepresented in the interview-prep world when we started studying for the summer internship season, and we wanted to take action. CodeViolet is the result of this realization.

We hope to support women content creators and, at the same time, help those studying for coding interviews!

What it does

CodeViolet is a collection of curated interview-prep material by 7 different female content creators.

CodeViolet includes links to 30 commonly asked LeetCode questions and a YouTube explanation video for every question made by a female content creator.

CodeViolet also allows its users to track their progress on the questions and boost motivation.

How we built it

We built CodeViolet using React Native to ensure cross-platform compatibility. CodeViolet can be run on Android, IOS, and as a Web App. We also used to register our domain name, and used google services like Firebase to store data and deploy.

What's next for CodeViolet

We hope to expand our list of questions/videos, and perhaps create some of our own!

Also, we want to improve and complete our log-in, sign-up, and user data collection. We were not satisfied with the functionalities of our authentication and user data system.

Lastly, we would like to add an option for users to take/store notes for each question.

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