Practice your technical interviewing ability at any time. Gain points by interviewing others and helping them out. Top the Score Charts and participate in interviews with recruiters from different companies! With CodeView, you get instant access to hundreds of anonymous mock interviews, available to those who are seeking to hone their technical skills. CodeView provides a place to discover potential and talent.

Voice chat

It is important that you are prepared and confident for your interview. Using VoIP, not only you will be able to chat with your interviewers but also talk to them in realtime.

Realtime collaborative coding platform

Coding skills are your unique selling point. But without a compiler, it is difficult to judge that skill. With CodeView’s platform, you can demonstrate your skills to interviewers in real time. An online compiler available in nearly every programming language so that language doesn't becomes your barrier. For interviewers, take use of this tool and get to know whether the code is executable at that very instant. No need to copy, No need to evaluate!

Measure your Strength

See how you are ranked with all the other CodeView users with our ELO system and leaderboard. In addition, there is also an Experience Index built from the time you spend on the platform and the goodwill you attain. Get 1 point for passing an interview and 3 points for conducting one. Level up by coding a lot (Experience Index) and coding well (ELO). Game on!

Compete weekly

Make sure to attend weekly competitions to raise your level and have fun! This is a simple way to show off your skills and gain ELO quickly.

Job Opportunities

Life doesn't gives a second opportunity. But CodeView does. Participate in exclusive online interviews with hundreds of potential employers. The higher your level, the better recruiting events you can attend. Take advantage of the anonymity and face every interview with full confidence!

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