We conceptualized the design a year ago; now we've finally made it! Who doesn't want to learn while playing fun games?

How it works

You collect control blobs ('if', etc), which you can then use to build movement functions. You'll use the movement functions that you built to traverse the levels! Try placing 'if', and 'rArrow' in the first and second columns in the first row, and 'MoveRight' in the second column, second row!

Challenges I ran into

Learning Pygame for the first time in such a short time frame was tough. Also, saving data via Pickling was confusing and took a lot of creativity to successfully implement.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to implement an awesome amount of interactivity, which will encourage the players to be creative! We were also able to make a very interesting level, and we are excited to make even more levels!

What I learned

I learned that working nonstop for a full 36 hours on an app is a challenging, rewarding experience.

What's next for Codeventures!

We'll be designing and implementing more levels, adding in sprites, and working on expanding the amount of controls the player uses! We'll also be creating a tutorial to help introduce players to the game.

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