Preparing for interviews may be a daunting process, and building a new habit that sticks is difficult. Research shows it takes at least three weeks for a habit to begin forming. We want to build a system to help people achieve their goals by breaking them into smaller steps.

What it does

CodeStreak is a web application that gamifies the process of interview preparation, with a focus on helping you build a habit of doing daily LeetCode questions. You can set your own goals, and you can follow your friends to see their progress and keep each other accountable!

How we built it

We used React.js, Node.js, Bootstrap, and MySQL. Our database of practice questions is sourced from's question bank.

Challenges we ran into

We need to learn how to set up the backend so it's accessible online.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all learned something new!

What we learned

How to implement the back end.

Built With

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