After speaking with a few of the Directors of CodeStock and a few people who have spoken at the event we realized that its critical for both parties to be able to obtain useful feedback regarding the talks given during the event.

One of the biggest things we wanted to focus on was stream lining the process for the end users. So we do not require a user account!

What it does

Our application will allow a CSV to be uploaded which will create all of the talks that will be given by speakers. Going to a custom url which is auto generated thanks to SQL everyone is able to access that page via a QR code that will allow you to provide useful feedback for the talk.

To hopefully incentivize people to participate we ask for a username or nickname which will need to me the same each time you answer a survey. This

How we built it

We started the hackathon by having conversations. These conversations would later lead to how we started our build process. We wanted to follow the agile development model since we had such a limited amount of time to complete the task. After having our conversations we were able to narrow our scope down to a handful of information that we figured would be useful. No users accounts, keep the process simple, keep the feedback simple to help streamline, and to hopefully filter content.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a handful of issues during the project. One of the first and lease obvious was our connection to the SQL server. We were using ones that were hosted by UTK but for an unknown reason we were unable to access them with the python scripts. After awhile of troubleshooting we decided to host the application on my personal server at home and created a MySQL server there was well. One the flask/web side we had to take awhile to learn how the post and get requests would interact with flask and then later translate into the SQL queries we had written.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud that we most the core functionality of the project functioning. It is a great base for us to continue to develop or with a few more hours been able to add more features!

What we learned

There was a lot of stuff that we learned during this process. One of the biggest things for myself was setting up a SQL database that used foreign keys and had many to many relationship. Which allowed us to learn about bridge tables as we were using it.

We also learned how to host an application on Flask while having it be somewhat dynamic with user content and info.

What's next for CodeStock Speaker Feedback

It would awesome if we were able to actually run our application through the real world paces! There is still a bit of fine tuning to do and making sure that we can control the functionality completely through the UI and not rely on having to make database level edits. So hopefully if we are to continue this project will we polish the core functionality which is a solid foundation and we will be able to add some of our stretch goal functions!

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