Memory can be a fickle thing, especially when we want to remember a great experience. At the same time, small things can often trigger huge flashbacks. That's where Recall3d comes in:

Recall3d is a service to which a user can upload a set of images from an experience they want to remember. We generate a physical, spatial representation of this experience, along with an embedded QR code linking to a hosted version of their images.

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During this hackathon, we managed to generate all of our component pieces, and string some of the stack together, but did not have enough time to fully automate the process. At this point, we have workable demos, but it is not ready for full scale deployment. These demos include:

Stripping of GPS coordinates from EXIF data, Sizing area around all uploaded pictures, Extracting STL Map from USGS API, Generating 3D QR codes from arbitrary string input, Concatenating STL, QR code and Marker Pins, and Hosting our demo data on a website reachable by QR.

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