Keep Breathing - An app for anxiety & panic attacks

By Sarah Manlove, Michaela Digan, & Vani Korepu

UMass Amherst Classes of 2020 & 2021

Current statistics say that over 44 million Americans deal with some sort of mental illness. Anxiety, which spans over a number of disorders, runs rampant. On college campuses, 61% of students report anxiety (Source).

Keep Breathing is just the start in the fight to banish anxiety's intrusive thoughts. Built with Android Studio, this app leads users through guided breathing designed to help calm those having a panic attack. Once each cycle of breathing finishes, users have the option to either begin another cycle of guided breathing or call the National Alliance on Mental Health Hotline.

In the future, we hope to:

  • Add features such as an animated guide for breathing, such as this one:

Breathing GIF

  • Add randomly generated validation statements on the final page (such as "You are valid", "You can do anything you put your mind to", "You matter", etc.)

  • Update the UI to make it more modern & less generic

  • Create an Apple version of the app using Swift

  • Expand to creating apps for wearables like the Fitbit or the Apple Watch

None of the members of our team have ever created an Android app before. This was a wonderful learning experience, as we were able to utilize the Java skills we learned in class but apply them in a new way.

Sending a "Thank you!" shoutout to Eddie, the mentor who helped us with our Android Studio setup and who helped us solve the case of "my Github repo is in the wrong folder".

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