Inspiration :: At my office, I often see people going for breaks, coming late to office or leaving early from office. When any of these happen, the lights above their desks still glow. "What a waste of electricity", was our thought and thus the inspiration to solve the problem. We wanted to save electricity in a smart, efficient and low-cost way by utilizing already available resources (access cards). Many organizations have tried doing with placing sensors at each desk, which is very costly and involves a lot of hardware to tackle. With this solution, we will be avoiding those problems.

How it works ::

We have 2 parts. Software & Hardware. Software handles ::

  1. Configuration of Each light.
  2. Configuration of Each desk and it's corresponding light.
  3. Configuration of Each employee and his/her corresponding desk.
  4. Configuration of RFID (For this use case, we have assumed that the solution will be implemented in offices which use RFID as access control) and corresponding employee.

Hardware handles ::

  1. Read RFID from the entry/exit gate.
  2. When employee comes in, switch on the corresponding desk light(s).
  3. When employee comes out, switch off the corresponding desk light(s).

Challenges I ran into ::

  1. Handling hardware algorithms to control relays.
  2. When thee are some lights which are common for two or more desks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of ::

  1. Fully DEMOable product ready.
  2. This solution can be easily scaled up.

What I learned ::

  1. Learnt PHP, CodeIgniter (This is our first project on WAMP stack).
  2. Two brains are always better than one. Bugs were solved quickly when the team sat together to tackle them.

What's next for CodeSparks ::

  1. We have an entrepreneurial mind and we love taking on challenges. Thus, we would really look forward to gather more feedback about the product and if all fits right, we would be really interested to launch this into the market.
  2. We are thinking of making it a platform. Wherein, user can not only configure the lights, but also A/c, Fans, Computers...etc. Include a BPM capability and take action on actual machines.
  3. Include analytic's on employees behavior, energy consumption (or rather savings).
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