It's late at night and messages from your desperate classmate start flooding in on facebook before a deadline.

"Yo, how do you initialize a DDRx port?", "Heyy, can you show me how you made the move constructor in C++, "I'll buy you boba if you show me how to...", so on so forth.

Since you inevitably know you'll be in their shoes one day, you open up your projects and copy and paste relevant snippets and send them through messenger. This process of code snippet sharing is outdated and inefficient. We wanted to create a simple, yet powerful application that allows developers to share and save small code snippets.

Our Solution

After 36 hours, we designed Snippt, a mobile application that streamlines the processes of sending and sharing code with others. Using optical character recognition and a proprietary formatting algorithm, users can quickly capture code they want to save or share without going through applications that are not designed for code sharing.

How we built it

We built Snippt with:

  • Swift Native as backend and front-end
  • Google's Optical Character Recoginition (Firebase API)
  • Figma for UI/UX design (modular design)

Challenges we ran into

  • Not enough time to fully implement front-end
  • Apple iOS 13.3 update doesn't support Snippt functionality
  • Constant changing of coding languages (Swift, React Native, Expo)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We demoed :)

What we learned

  • Be aware of major OS updates
  • Learned Swift, React Native, and Expo
  • Learned Figma for UI/UX design

What's next for Snippt

  • Support for all major programming languages
  • Social platform for support
  • Improved UI/UX
  • Colorized texts
  • Compatibility for iPadOS

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