What it does

CodeSmart is a web app dedicated to teaching coding and computer science logic using click based games.

How we built it

We utilized HTML and CSS to build the game utilizing only open source libraries. Furthermore, all images utilized were from open source image collections.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we are proud of

What we learned

We learned about the intricacies of designing a web app and how the audience changes style of presentation.

What's next for CodeSmart

We plan to create multiple sets of levels expanding on the current. For example, the second set would involve the presentation of python code with the word problem and the 3rd set would be entirely in python code. Next we plan to move onto other forms of recursion such as for and while loops.

We will be creating the option of accounts for all users so that their progress and earning can be saved between sessions. We also plan on expanding on our point system by presenting items that can be bought with coins, upgraded and displayed on the user's page.

Built With

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