So what is the idea? A code-editing and sharing website.

Main features:

  • Drag and drop files to the page

  • Creates a link for you to share with people

  • Chat to talk while you look at code

  • Link to files and code lines

  • Ability to edit files simultaneously with friends

The problem: it is hard to share and discuss code online. Currently, the available ways to do it are:

  • Github gists: while these represent the state of the art in terms of code display, the comments feature lacks any collaborative nature.

  • Google docs: While the live-editing feature is the state of the art, it makes a terrible medium for code writing.

  • Pastebin: Just simple text, not suitable for us, programmers.

All of these solutions make it impossible to, for example, post your code for a programming solution on facebook, or have a genuine discussion during an interview.

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