CodeschoolBD is a platform where we teach student through video tutorial, many student request for live class feature , intially we wanted to use skype but some of the student having issue with skype so we decide to build live class feature where we share url with student and they can join easily. and ya agora SDK is best fit.

What it does

Teacher will create live class and share the link or class name with student by which student can join to the live class. It also integrated with whiteboard so voic+video+whiteboard student can see whateber written by teacher and talk to each other.

How I built it

We used agora video sdk for web

Challenges I ran into

Understanding all feature agora sdk have and some times trouble due to lack of example code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We can create our own live class through web which is best than other desktop king of application, no installtion just go to link and all set

What I learned

Agora sdk

What's next for CodeScholBD Live Class

What we build was just MVP, since we was not sure is Agora sdk really help us to do what we plan to do, so it does. Next, we are going to build full feature live class for

  • student join class will rewarded with point ( since we have rewarded system )
  • Live quiz integration
  • Private one to one video integration and more

Thanks to Agora sdk

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