Programming can be challenging enough, and having another person (or even worse a computer! eww) grading your code can be very stressful. I hate holding my breath when I run linters of any sort on my code. Waiting for that possible bad grade has never been fun. What if we made conforming to coding standards a competition-like event, much like you'd see in a role-playing game.

What it does

CodeScape watches for changes to specific programming-related files in a folder of your choice (we suggest per project). When you make changes, CodeScape runs the most up-to-date linters and grades your code and awards (or punishes) you for the work you've done by rewarding both pizza rolls AND experience points. Get enough pizza rolls, buy that gold-trimmed laptop to earn XP even quicker. Reach a new level in CodeScape and be showered by delicious (cooled off) pizza rolls.

How I built it

Electron documentation, npm, stackoverflow questions, and microsoft visual studio code.

Challenges I ran into

Difficulties in unique execution and environment of Electron applications. Working with Javascript for the first time (one of the team members). The usual challenges of making a UI not extremely ugly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working product that does what it says!

What I learned

Javascript, Electron interprocess communication, file system protocols, the feeling of something that works.

What's next for CodeScape

Leaderboards (with AWS), special events, more items, quests, more pizza rolls. (Also checkout the backlog) Tracking of time spent coding. Reporting of areas doing well/bad. Graphs for where errors come from. Graphs for improvement over time. Analysis with Tensorflow to learn specialized coding format.

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