Extension to allow you to run code right from your browser.


There are a lot of instances where you may find yourself looking at small code snippets, while reading blogs, reviewing code that you want a quick handy to run and test it out.

What it does

CodeRun is an extension where you could provide input for the code snippet on your clipboard right at the dropdown, and look at the output right there. We currently support C++, Java, Python.

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Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very pleased with the fact that we have a complete and fully functional product ready for immediate use. All the goals which we had in mind were more or less met and the new technologies which we were working with combined smoothly into the flow.

What we learned

We learned about docker containers and how to build a browser extension.

What's next for CodeRun

Adding support for more languages. Polishing the UI and UX. Better error handling.

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