We wanted to connect coders virtually, in a time where we cannot meet and to reduce that initial awkwardness of meeting stranger via the magic of cooking. We wanted the app to be unique and something really fun to use.

What it does

CodersWhoCook is a webapp that connects coders on the basis of everyone's one true love- Food! A user can create an account and set their preferences- Coding languages and Cuisines they adore. Once they are set up, they are redirected to their dashboard where they can opt to match with another user on the basis of their preferences. We use data analysis using ML and Python, to find a matches of the user. The algorithm we have crafted gives results in percentages, to help find the closest match. This is done so that when we add more variables eventually, and the matching becomes more complex we can implement this algorithm. Once matched, the users are given a recipe from their shared tastes. They can connect virtually and have a cooking/dining session of this prepared meal. This is used as an ice-breaker of sorts, and then the matched users can talk code/help with study or interview prep. It is a casual app for meeting new coders with the goal of removing any awkwardness, since cooking is a fun activity.

How I built it

Using HTML/CSS for front end and the algorithm uses python and some ML concepts.

Challenges I ran into

Our team consists of people from varying time zones and managing time was definitely a challenge. But we were able to co-ordinate as much as possible. Another hurdle was that we weren't able to develop the backend part since we lacked experience and time to learn it but it is definitely now on our list to learn it!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managing time, learning to code for some of the beginners and brainstorming something we are proud of. Mostly, having fun while learning.

What I learned

As it was the first hackathon for almost all of us, we did a lot of learning. Be it co-ordinating with the team, managing the diverse time-zones or overcoming certain challenges. Project management, prototyping and design skills were also some of the learnings. It was amazing to collaborate with each other, to have brain-stormed ideas and try our best to convert that idea into something tangible.

What's next for CodersWhoCook

We hope to learn back-end to implement this project to it's completeness. We have thought of increasing the variables and preferences the user can input to provide closer matches as well.

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