WhiteBoard Sessions makes it super easy to teach Codings, Mathematics, Lectures etc. online to remote students.

Studies have shown that writing and drawing with an online WhiteBoard collaborations increase a person’s ability to think creatively, solve problems, and retain knowledge. Because these activities engage the brain in ways that typing and texting don’t, you may find that inviting your team to join in a session at your next WhiteBoard ClassRoom may be just the breakthrough you need to tap into their more innovative coding skill, talents and ideas.

Some Scholars argued that Interactive whiteboards allow many different forms of media – including photos, illustrations, maps, graphs, chats and video, to be displayed. These tools not only enrich the classroom experience but also help to expand the nature of content that can be used in Programatical learning. In addition, WhiteBoard makes learning to be more dynamic owing to the different forms of presenting information.

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How Does it help React Coders Succeed

Coders WhiteBoard is a realtime online virtual classroom that replaces the functions of a Physical ClassRoom.

You can Use your Laptop Mouse or Better get a Wacom WhiteBoad Writing Pad

.1) Easily Create a Group, send the group name and invite your friends to join the class which they will do by sending a Join request to you(Tutor). Group Tutor/Admin can accept or reject the request.

The Group Admin can Manage his/her group class members from the Manage Group option

2.) Your Class Members who are online will be displayed on the classroom. The Tutor/class members can write with any color Marker of Your choice, Erase the Board with an Eraser when dirty and let your Team members watch your React tutorials live in real-time as your hand moves....

3.) Easily Save React Lectures in the form of images before boards are cleaned up

4.) Easily ask a realtime question for lectures not understand and get reply from members in real-time

5.)Join Group chat on the Class. Everyone can write and chat in real-time

6.) Get a Wacom Online WhiteBoard Writing Pad and start teaching your students how to write React Codes from comfort of your house in real time.

What it Does and How to use it

Its an Open Source Real-Time Interactive WhiteBoard Session with Group Chat System to helps Programming Tutors to educate and teach their Members/Groups on how to write Codes, Maths, Lectures, Database Skeletal Diagrams etc in real-time. Below are steps to follow to have it working in full.

1.) FaceBook Login/SignUp: Users Signup/Login is by FaceBook

Whiteboard class Room

2.) Create Group: This Components allows users to easily create a group name along with the description of the group as can be seen in the screenshot below

group creation

Once Group has been created, You can send your group name to your friends so that they can search it from the auto suggestion search box and join as can be seen below
group search

3.) Join Group: This Components allows users to Join a group by sending a request to the group creator/admin. Admin can then accept or reject the request. If your request is accepted, you can then join the online white Board Class for lectures..

group Join Request

Accepting and Rejecting Request

4.) Manage Members: This Components allows users/admin to manage her group Members. Admin can also block any member based on rules violations

Manage Members

5.)Enter Class Room Option
This Components allows admin and her group members to access all the groups/classes they belongs to, Use any color Marker of your choice to teach, group chat with members, ask any special real-time questions, save lecturers before cleaning of the board etc.

Class Room

Class Room

Class Room

Class Room

How we built it

I Henry Obasi was the idea Provider while Esedo Fredrick C. was the Programmer. So our work is a collective effort.

We use Reactjs for about 90% of the Project. All the database rendering was done with ReactJs. Database Dynamically load content was done in reactjs. We also use React Js to code
Group creation System, Group Join System, Acceptance and Rejection of group request, Members Mangement system.

We use Nodejs and Socket.Io for html5 Canvas realtime drawings, Coding, Group Chat etc...

We also leverage open source realtime canvas from

We use Php as the backend for sending most data to mysql database....

Google Drive Repo

Please Download this file from Google Drive Repo, Unzip it and follow the readme.txt files

Google Drive Repo

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